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Wound Care

  • Personalized wound care means treatment is focused on putting the patient first and healing as quickly as possible. Direct Wound Care offers expertise in general wound care as well as advanced therapies such as biologic grafts, casting, compression, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO), and negative pressure therapy.

  • From simple wounds to complex and chronic ulcers and from pediatric to geriatric, Dr. Tay Sha Howell has the professional knowledge necessary to treat your wound.

  • With an emphasis on the doctor-patient relationship, Dr. Howell’s practice offers a simple way to access specialist services in a private office setting. Direct Wound Care is not a hospital based wound center with a large staff. In the rare instance that a patient’s wound needs more comprehensive services, a referral would be facilitated to optimize care. 

  • Treatment options are discussed regarding effectiveness, practicality, and cost, allowing the best care for each patient. Free Market Medicine



  • Telemedicine appointments provide needed flexibility when there are concerns such as COVID 19, transportation issues, work schedules, or distant patient location. Direct Wound Care offers telemedicine appointments with secure technology through a private (HIPPA compliant) electronic medical record.

  • Initial evaluations are preferably done in person due to the comprehensive nature of the history and exam, while many wound conditions may be appropriate for follow up telemedicine appointments . Some conditions may not be appropriate for virtual care. If there are special circumstances making a telemedicine visit more desirable, please discuss this when you call to schedule an appointment. Recognizing the need for options in accessing medical care, Dr. Tay Sha Howell will communicate with you about your individual situation.

  • Appointments are scheduled in advance.

  • Direct Wound Care electronic medical record utilizes Zoom.

  • Payment is made prior to or at the beginning of the appointment by credit card.

Care Coordinated Telemedicine Consultations

  •  Dr. Tay Sha Howell offers professional recommendations regarding general wound management, second opinions, or assessment of need for more specialized care.

  • Physicians may arrange for a wound care telemedicine consultation during their appointment with the patient to facilitate faster healing. 

  • Ask your doctor if your wound needs a care coordinated consult or a referral to Dr. Howell at Direct Wound Care. More information.


Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Therapy Evaluations

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy has the patient breathing 100% oxygen, which is pressurized (like the cabin on an airplane) to increase how much oxygen the patient receives. The oxygen goes into their lungs and then bloodstream where it helps the wound or the tissues. Hyperbaric oxygen has many helpful effects for healing and decreasing inflammation. It is delivered in various settings for multiple different indications.

  • Patients are often interested to know if their particular medical condition would be helped by hyperbaric oxygen therapy or if they would be safe to do the treatments. Some conditions are considered “off label” uses of HBO. Certain conditions have more evidence for HBO being beneficial than others. Examples.

  • Physicians may wonder if their patient qualifies for HBO therapy.

          List of commonly referred conditions for HBO.

  • To determine if hyperbaric oxygen is an appropriate and safe therapy for a patient, medical screening is vital. Tay Sha Howell MD is highly qualified to evaluate patients for potential HBO therapy. Dr. Howell is board certified in hyperbaric medicine and has over a decade of experience healing patients with HBO, as well as educating other hyperbaric physicians on clinical indications, medical screening, insurance criteria, and documentation of hyperbaric therapy.

         More information on HBO screening.

Meet with Dr. Tay Sha Howell to see if hyperbaric oxygen is right for you.


Scuba Diving Fitness Exams

Dr. Tay Sha Howell offers quality convenient exams assessing medical fitness for recreational scuba diving. Many diving operations require a medical screening.  It is especially important to have thorough clinical evaluation when preparing to scuba dive initially or following an illness or new medical diagnosis. Your safety is the priority.  Being board certified in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine since 2009, Dr. Howell understands the complex effects of pressure on the body and the health conditions that pose higher risks when diving. 

Schedule your Scuba Diving Fitness exam today.


Speaking. Teaching. Consulting.

As a noted speaker and teacher to both the community and the medical industry, Dr. Tay Sha Howell has experience with a variety of educational objectives and settings both in person or online. She is also available for consulting projects or retainers to support your wound-care industry initiatives.

  • Dr. Howell’s speaking experience at Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs, national and local conference presentations, Grand Rounds in academic centers, industry speakers bureau presentations, and public health community events makes her the best choice for your conference or event whether presenting in-person or online.

  • Dr. Tay Sha Howell can explain the complexities of wound care in a way that your public audience can understand when you need educational presentations for non-medical professionals. Addressing the basics of wound care, what keeps a wound from healing, treatment options for problem wounds, prevention of recurrent wounds, and preservation of limbs among diabetic and other at-risk patients, are a few of the many topics that Dr. Howell can break down for general public knowledge.

  • Dr. Howell is experienced in providing wound care education for outpatient centers, inpatient programs, and formal medical school and residency training programs and she can customize a wound care education program or consulting engagement that meets your organization’s needs.

  • Companies nationwide have sought out Dr. Tay Sha Howell as a Key Opinion Leader to advise and consult in the pursuit of product and service development for the wound care industry. Able to advise on clinical aspects and marketability, her expertise is a valuable asset for companies wanting to expand or improve their wound care therapies.

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