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Care Coordinated Telemedicine Consultations

For problem wounds Dr. Tay Sha Howell can offer professional recommendations regarding general wound management, second opinions, or assessment of need for more specialized care.

A primary care provider may not believe the patient’s wound warrants a referral to a hospital outpatient wound center. They may want an initial recommendation on specific dressing or treatment options for a fairly new wound. They may want assistance with wound care follow up after an ER visit. They may want advice on a stalled wound.

Physicians may arrange for a wound care telemedicine consultation during their appointment with the patient to get an expert opinion about treatment options, need for advanced wound treatments, additional testing, or specialist referrals. 

  • Appointments will be scheduled in advance

  • Medical records are sent from the provider to Dr. Howell ahead of time to allow her to review the information and make the best use of time during the remote appointment.

  • Direct Wound Care’s secure electronic medical record utilizes Zoom.

  • Payment is made prior to or at the beginning of the appointment by credit card.

Ask your doctor if your wound needs a care coordinated consult or a referral to Dr. Howell at Direct Wound Care.

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