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Dr. Tay Sha Howell will partner with you to heal your patient


  • When a wound isn’t responding to your initial care or you are concerned about a high-risk patient, Dr. Howell is readily available with years of wound care experience.

  • Dr. Howell’s expertise covers all types of chronic ulcers as well as surgical wounds and atypical wounds.

  • In addition to treating complex wounds, Dr. Tay Sha Howell also offers  follow up care of lacerations, burns, infected wounds, spider bites and other traumatic wounds. 

  • Dr. Howell accepts patients of all ages.

  • Dr. Howell will investigate underlying issues, establish a wound treatment plan, educate your patient, and keep you updated.

  • Referrals to Direct Wound Care are uncomplicated since no insurance authorizations are needed in a direct pay practice.

  • In person and telemedicine appointments are available.


Contact Tay Sha Howell, MD when you need wound care expertise.




  • When your patient has limited transportation or is in a remote setting  (rural, home-bound or a facility) care coordinated appointments with Dr.  Tay Sha Howell offer cost effective convenient wound care consultation.  This partnership helps your patient heal as quickly as possible. 

  • Dr. Howell can virtually join you and your patient in the clinical setting to assess their wound and help formulate a wound care plan.  She will review your forwarded records prior to the appointment.

  • Appointment times are flexible so scheduling is prompt. 

  • Secure communication is done via Zoom through a HIPPA compliant EMR.

  • Patient payment is made in advance. Because her services are direct pay, there is no issue with seeing two providers on the same date of service.


Contact Dr. Howell for a telemedicine wound care specialty consultation.

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