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Free Market Medicine

  • When you are shopping for a product or service, you expect to find clear information on what you are buying, especially the cost. This allows the consumer to comparison shop.  Unfortunately, this is not the norm in the medical field. There is a growing movement in the medical community to change this.  While medical insurance serves patients in extreme health situations, it is more often used to pay for every aspect of healthcare. This has contributed to medical prices being astronomically higher than the real costs. Imagine the cost of car insurance if it was used every time you bought a new battery or tires or had an oil change.

  • Healthcare costs are confusing.  With high deductibles, inflated charges, and “discounted” pricing how can anyone tell how much an actual service costs or exactly how much they will owe? It doesn’t have to be this complicated.

  • High prices and payor restrictions may keep some patients from getting the most ideal treatment, which is frustrating for patients. It’s also aggravating for doctors, who are working extra hard with insurance to get “permission” for treatment, to justify medical decisions, to appeal denials, and to simply to get paid. Despite their years of medical training and their desire to help people, sometimes physicians are blocked by these outside rule makers.  More time is spent battling with insurance and less time is spent at the bedside.

  • Wound care is typically done in a hospital-based center where charges can be quite expensive, bills are complicated, and payor restrictions may hinder care.  The self or cash pay charge may be too high.  Even with insurance coverage, high deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance may make seeing a wound specialist unaffordable. Patients with Medicare or Medicaid have difficulty getting the care they need when indicated treatments are considered “not medically necessary” or providers don’t accept their insurance.  These scenarios often lead to delays in care. The longer a wound is open, the less likely it is to heal.  Waiting to “see what happens” may be a very costly mistake in terms of complications.

  • Eliminating this interference fosters a simpler doctor-patient relationship with straightforward communication, individualized care, and better patient satisfaction. The medical care conducted directly between the provider and the consumer is a win-win for the patient and the doctor. Appropriate recommendations and responsible transparent pricing allow patients more control over their options.  The focus can be the shared goal of quicker healing.

  • Direct Wound Care offers a new way to receive quality personalized wound care in an independent setting.  Treatment options are openly discussed and realistic solutions are found for each patient.  The patient experience is enhanced and the overall cost of care is much less.  Transparent pricing means the cost of a service is known and can be compared to other wound care specialists.  Direct Wound Care is a cash or direct pay practice that offers exceptional specialized care at affordable prices.  Schedule your appointment today.


Dr. Tay Sha Howell is a wound care doctor who wants to heal wounds and improve people’s lives, not fight with insurance:

  • “I have felt insurance companies were interfering in my relationships with patients and too often dictating the treatment options available. My hands felt tied when patients needed certain wound care therapies.”

  • “When discussing the price of treatments with patients in the past, I would only know for certain my part of the fee. The other associated charges from the hospital would depend on their insurance’s contract with the hospital. I never wanted someone to be blind-sided by the cost of a treatment that I had recommended.”

  • “It’s wonderful to be able to simplify charges and openly discuss treatment costs and options. At this point in my career, life is too short to keep jumping through hoops. I simply want to take care of my patients.


To schedule an appointment with Dr. Tay Sha Howell call 405-251-6782


For more information about Free Market Medicine visit the Free Market Medical Association

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